Call Centre Staff

One thing is certain, your telesales staff work extremely hard throughout the day. Making sales and contacting prospects all day is hard work, while management have to spend time improving and adjusting their technique to get the best conversion rate.

One of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your entire sales floor, is by using call dialer software to try and keep your agents busy – whilst your team leaders and managers can have access to reporting that makes their job easier too.

If your business is coming to the point where you need to decide on how to boost your conversions or ramp up sales – this article is a great place to start. We’ll explain the different types of predictive dialers out there, enabling you to make an informed choice on what your business needs.

Below, is a whistle stop guide to comparing call centre dialers, and how to deploy each type.

Manual Dialling

This is likely to be the first point that small to medium SME’s start from in their telesales journey. This is perfectly fine, and often provides a helpful boost in sales whilst a fledgling company gets going.

Allowing agents to choose what to dial is helpful, although this method won’t scale properly and any reporting will be hard to maintain. Still, it’s a quick, cheap and dirty way to get going – and there’s nothing wrong with that!


If your business already operates a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), click-to-call might be a great solution. With this method of dialling, your agents can view a prospects details before making a call – ensuring that they have everything they need to complete their call successfully.

Slower than using a predictive dialer, click-to-call is more useful for businesses that need to take a little time with each client, for example insurance companies or financial advice callcentres.

Another benefit of integrating with an existing CRM, is that any information updated during the call will be updated on your CRM system straight away – improving the way your company manages its data.

Predictive Dialer

For many telemarketing companies, using a hosted predictive dialer is exactly what they need. Here, calls are automatically placed at a pace to keep your sales team bust actively canvassing potential clients. Any calls answers by a human being, are automatically routed to the next available agent, whilst answer machines or dead lines are categorised as such.

The benefits of this, are much higher contact rates in comparison to manual dialling, and access to reporting to help team leaders and managers actively tweak the campaign to get the best ROI.

The only downside, is the fact that some calls will be dropped. This means that a human answers, yet unfortunately no agent is available to take the outbound call. There are strong regulatory rules regarding the use of the predictive dialer too, and it pays to talk to an experienced company such as Blue Telecoms to ensure you get your campaign off to the right start – both in terms on ROI and also ensuring you follow Ofcom rules.


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