Customer service is a hugely important and competitive area for business. Even in the modern era, most clients and customers will prefer to give your support line a call, rather than send a support email or request. Regardless of the industry you work in, you’ll eventually need a system to manage all those incoming and outgoing calls!

Call dialler software is generally good for this; however, to add that extra sparkle to your customer experience, an IVR will help you take things to the next level.

What’s An IVR

Put simply, an IVR is a message and call routing system that helps you automate routine customer service calls. It’s not purely the domain of large companies though, even small companies can benefit from using an IVR – one of the many ways that Blue Telecoms can help!

How Can an IVR Help You?

A huge trend currently in call centre operations, is enabling customers to help themselves – even before they get through to an agent. Large organisations have been doing this for many years; early adoption now trickling down to smaller SME businesses. Great examples for small businesses include local area fault messaging, and also allowing customers to opt in or out of marketing material.

Automate Tasks

The harsh reality of running a modern call centre, is that large portions of calls don’t actually need an agents help. Simple tasks, like reading bills or changing appointment times don’t really require a human being; many customers preferring an automated system to perform these tasks anyway.

An automated IVR system can serve your clients well, by filtering out the easy requests, and also ensuring your customers get through to the correct agent for the task they need to accomplish. This keeps your most skilled employees free for more difficult tasks.

Triage Incoming Calls

It’s completely natural for call centres to have different agents working within different departments. You might also have support staff who have different skills and levels of ability. A quality IVR can help you push calls to the correct person, avoiding the overuse of transfers and giving your clients a better service experience.

It’s can also lower your inbound wait times too!

Customer Feedback

Ever wanted to know how well your agents are doing from the clients they support? With an IVR, you can setup campaigns that ask your clients to score agents and the support they feel they’ve been given. For many companies, this is an important part of the way they improve their customer service offering and can help you solve issues quickly and effectively.

Reduced Cost per Minute

With a single VOIP line setup, companies can waste time and resources simply through agents spending time collecting the information they need to do their job. You can reduce this hugely by using an IVR to collect that data before they reach a live agent. For example, an IVR can handle routine calls and solve smaller issues; keeping your agents free to work the larger and more difficult tasks that come in. With fewer calls, you may even be able to slimline your current customer service team and support more clients with lower staffing levels.

Professional Image

Whilst some customers complain about IVR systems, and would rather the personal touch of a live agent, many customers actually prefer using an IVR system – perhaps even forming a view of your company that’s more professional. Even a smaller IVR system can help give customers the impression of your company as professional and larger than it may be.

Whatever you require your IVR system to do, Blue Telecoms can help you build a system that works perfectly, and at a cost that suits you.


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