A predictive dialling system is basically an automated server that dials through a list of telephone numbers. When the dialler spots that a call has been answered by a human being, it them routes the call through to one of your call centre agents. Just like other types of dialler, such as robodiallers or a power dialler, a predictive system can screen calls for busy signals, answer machines, no answers and temporarily disconnected numbers.

What Sets A Predictive Dialler Apart From Other Systems?

With this in mind, what exactly sets a predictive dialler apart from other types out there?

  1. Smart Routing – A predictive dialler can route calls and predict when enough agents will become available to take them. A predictive dialler is smart enough to ramp up the dials when agents need to be busier, and lower the rate of dial when all agents are in calls.
  2. Lower Drop Rates – Related to the point above, a well setup predictive dialling system will ensure your drop rate stays within regulatory levels.

Predictive diallers have been popular for the past 35 years now, and the technology that they use has been steadily improved. Now, companies don’t have to run expensive in-house systems, they can actually use a cloud hosted dialler that not only works out cheaper, but the support is often much faster and easy than relying on your own technical team. Most dialling systems, such as the one Blue Telecoms provide, offer a full CRM integration too – which means you can use programs like Salesforce to keep track of your client leads.

How Does a Predictive Dialler Work?

Predictive diallers work by learning to predict when agents will be available to take their next call. The system will then start to dial numbers in anticipation of this, to try and keep agents as productive as possible. Inside every dialling system, is an algorithm that carries out all this work for you. It takes a little time for a predictive dialler to get setup – but once this initial period has passed, your agents should be taking calls with little or no downtime.

What Companies Use Predictive Diallers?

For the most part, predictive diallers are used in telesales, debt collection and other sectors where companies need to contact many people each day. Some lead generation companies use diallers too, to canvas clients – before handing over any quality leads to others who can close the deal.

The only caveat here, is that these systems might not work for high value sales. In these cases, it’s more likely that your agents will build a longer standing relationship with each client, and it may not be beneficial to use a dialler.

How Good Are Predictive Diallers?

There have been many reports into how effective a predictive dialler is compared to manual methods. In most cases, agent productivity improves by about 300 – 400 percent after the adoption of predictive technology.