Ensuring that your agents give the very best service on each call is a tricky thing to achieve. Tiredness, workload and time issues can all caused some calls to be dealt with in a less than perfect way.

Here are some tips from the Blue Telecoms team to help you get the very best from your staff during every client interaction.

Get your quality control team to take calls

A great way to double check your quality team understand exactly what life is like for an agent is to schedule time for them to take calls each month. By regularly talking to clients, they’ll begin to understand the pressures on call centre agents – ultimately creating plans that genuinely improve customer service levels.

Distill all your messages into one email sent each week

Instead of sending multiple emails to all your staff each week, try to distill everything down into one email that you schedule for the same time every week. Sometimes, agents begin to suffer from “email blindness” – where so many messages are sent each day they begin to ignore them. By reducing the overall amount, you can ensure your agents physically read the communications you send out.

Create regular feedback sessions

Often, it pays to have monthly meetings where all members of staff can give feedback. Sometimes, agents can feel like changes are made that make their daily life harder – rather than easier. They can also feel like their own thoughts and ideas are ignored.

A monthly Q&A gives all your agents the opportunity to tell you what they think and also give helpful ideas. It also helps agents feel like they’re part of the driving force that runs the callcentre, rather than simple staff members.

Reward agents with points, rather than prizes

Rather than offer the same old prizes for good performance, why not offer points that your agents can use and save towards giveaways.

You can then create a system where different prizes are equal to different amounts of points.This often gets a complete buy-in from your agents, as they save their points towards prizes they’ll really enjoy!

Breakout areas do make alot of sense

Instead of outright banning agents from speaking at work, why not give them an area where they can talk, chat and relax? This can help create a community amongst your agents, giving them extra reasons to work hard and stay within your company.

You can also extend this to providing a small “social network” that your agents use internally. We wouldn’t suggest that chat function, as this could lead to chatting – rather than working; however, a more static forum based software will work well.

Feedback of the week!

Sharing feedback from customers is a nice way to show agents how their hard work is appreciated.By running a “feedback competition”, you can encourage agents to give the best service they can on each call.

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