As the call centre has improved and evolved over time, especially with the move towards multiple channels such as online and mobile, it’s become more important to keep up with current trends. Even so, older techniques, such as using a power dialler still have their place.

When running these campaigns, it’s crucial that call centre managers understand what can make a campaign run perfectly – and more important – what can break a campaign too. As with all outbound call centre campaigns, it’s the connection rate that’s one of the most important metrics – sales being a numbers game and the contact rate being one of those all important numbers to keep high.

At Blue Telecoms, we’re experts at improving your contact rate over time. We’ve helped clients such as Purity Fundraising to boost their contact rate by 25 – 30%, an impressive feat that helps our clients outperform the market.

Using Outbound Numbers To Increase Answer Rates

The Blue Telecoms dialler, can present any outbound number, even mobiles. Instead of displaying unfamiliar prefixes to clients, you can display numbers that your customer base will understand and accept. It’s also possible to present dynamic numbers or rotated numbers too.

The only issue here, is that you can easily fall foul of guidelines and the law depending on the country you’re calling within. Some countries specifically forbid local number presentation where your business is not formally based, whilst others don’t allow mobile number or premium rate number calling.

Changing your outbound number presentation is something offered as part of each Blue Telecoms package, and if you’d like to discuss what’s possible, please Give us a Call.

Callbacks Made Easy

Assigning individual agents for call backs can mean your clients receive more personal service. It can also mean your agents will set convenient times to contact clients, avoiding dropped calls and wasted time. It also means the most appropriate agents are assigned to each customer need – personalisation becoming hugely important in the modern call centre.

It’s also worth noting that premium rate numbers, even low call variants aren’t always included in customers mobile plans. For this reason, it’s a great idea to try and use a local number where possible – helping to give your inbound callback rate a boost.

Reporting And Stats

The Blue Telecoms dashboard is a hugely powerful tool, and one that will provide you with a huge array of statistics and information. By studying this data, you can make informed choices on campaign hours, shift patterns and exactly when to utilise specific data sets to boost your contact rates.

Analysing data can take some time, so it’s worth making data analysis part of your on-going marketing plan – rather than a one time task. By doing this, you’ll make incremental improvements over time that will really help your contact rate and above all, your sales.

Need Some More Help?

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