When starting out with your new direct marketing campaign, the first thing you’ll want to achieve is a solid return on your investment; after all, everyone wants to run a business that earns plenty of money!

There are a couple of ways to try and ensure a good ROI on each campaign. Here are our top picks straight form our hosted dialler client-base.

Contact Data

The data you’re using is possibly the most important thing to consider when setting up a campaign. If you’re dialling the wrong people, it doesn’t matter how good your product is – you’ll never convert. It’s important to think about who your perfect client is, the type of things they do during their lives and most importantly, how you can insert your pitch into their life.

A great example of this is within the Solar Panel niche. If we consider the type of person who might be interested in such a product:

1. Owns their own home.
2. Has access to funds and/or a suitable credit score to finance the work.

We can then think about the types of people who fit this demographic.

1. Older people, who might have paid off their mortgage and have extra cash available.
2. Younger people who mortgage their home, but are highly paid (NRS Social Grade ABC+) and have the funding/credit available.

It’s highly likely that the former is far more likely than the latter, so it’s going to be a safe bet to target:

1. Older married couples.
2. Homeowners.
3. Good credit and/or cash rich.
4. Stability.

With this in mind, we can now contact data providers who specialise in this demographic. We can even contact web lead providers who can specifically target an older, more settled demographic.

Experienced Staff

By employing experienced telesales staff, your campaign will get off to a much smoother start. That’s not to say you can’t recruit talented newcomers later on; however, in the early testing phase you’ll want to ensure you’re giving the campaign the best chance of success.

Experienced operators will already know how to sell, have experience working with your telephony and dialler equipment, and should be able to get started quickly. With experience, good telemarketing staff might also be able to assist you when it comes to making tweaks and improvements.

Target Setting

One of the most important things to do at the start of a campaign, is to work out realistic targets for your staff and the company as a whole. Often, you won’t precisely know what these figures are until you start to receive data; however, use your best judgement at the start, and be open to raising or lowering the figure as you learn more.

As always, challenging but realistic targets are exactly what you need to create. Your staff will enjoy the challenge, and you can feel safe in the knowledge you’re striving for perfection within all aspects of the campaign.

Launch Day

Our last tip, is to allow enough time to get your campaign off the ground. Many salespeople are eager to get going, occasionally to a fault where they miss obvious details. By giving yourself some time to test, learn and adapt – you’ll be able to make sensible choices about developing the campaign.

Sales and marketing is always a game of patience. Learn to play this game, and you’ll be able to consistently achieve good results and bring your ROI to where you need it to be.

A Dialler You Can Trust

At Blue Telecoms, we offer a dialler that’s backed by a support team you can trust. Even if you’re just considering a new campaign, give us a call and we’ll be able to help you get off the ground.


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