Your telephone number says a lot about your business. Where you operate, how important your customers are to you and how efficiently you run your business are just a few of the statements an 11 digit number makes about you. This guide helps you pick the right number for you, of course if you’re still stuck after reading this you’ll be happy to know that Blue Telecoms numbers are easy to set up, so you can choose as many different types of number as you like.

In the UK there are many different types of telephone numbers in operation, for a varied number of consumer/business/non commercial purposes. All telephone numbers are regulated by Ofcom, the Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries.

This government regulator sets the rules on what type of telephone numbers can be used, by whom and by what service can be provided on a particular telephone number range. A number range is a block of sequential numbers usually in blocks of 1,000 or 10,000.

What’s important to you?

As a business all you really want is the phone to ring, i.e. you want more enquiries about your products or services, hopefully converting these into sales. Actually it doesn’t really matter to you what kind of telephone number you use. The best strategy we recommend is operating a few different numbers and measure your results. Clearly if you are selling to the general public, use 0800 Freephone numbers and 01 local area codes in targeted geographic areas / regions.

If you advertise in say The Worcester Herald newspaper, use an local 01905 Worcester telephone number in your advert.

Run the same advert in the Yorkshire Evening Post, based in Leeds use a 0113 Leeds telephone number.

Try to use a different telephone number in each advert. This method will allow you on a weekly or monthly basis to see exactly what response rates each form of advertising is generating.

Telephone Number Information

01/02 Geographic Numbers These are standard UK local area codes such as 0203 London, 0121 Birmingham. We have over 350 different area codes available, each area has at least 1000 numbers to select from. You can use different local area codes to appear “local” within your advertisements target market.

03 UK Wide Numbers These numbers were brought in to replace the 0870/0845 number ranges to help stop the price confusion for consumers. Calls to these numbers are charged at the same rate as 01/02 Standard numbers and are included in all bundled free minutes on all mobile/landline networks.

0843/0844/0845/0870 Special Rate Services General business use numbers, these numbers cost up to 5p/minute to call at anytime. Do not use this type of number if you want to increase the number of calls from consumers.

0871 Premium Rate Services These cost 10p/minute to call and are now classed as Premium Rate Numbers the same as live chat and date services and many 09 Adult services. These numbers generate you an income of up to 8p minute, however before you operate any service you must register with the premium rate regulator: PhonePayPlus

Do not use this type of number of you want to increase the number of calls from consumers/businesses.

07 Personal Numbers These can be used to provide a follow me service. For example you could place an advert online such as eBay or a forum without having to provide your actual home or mobile number, without any costs to yourself.

0800 Freephone The best way of attracting more calls to your business/organisation. We recommend these types of numbers to all our customers. Show your customers you want their business by allowing them to call you for free.