Telemarketing for non-profits/charities is something of an art form. Sure, you need to raise as much money as you can; however, you can’t be as pushy in comparison to traditional B2C or B2B products. If you make the wrong move when carrying out your fundraising plans, you can risk loosing donors completely – even damaging your charities good name in the process.

With these important things in mind, here are our tips for telefundraising the correct way – keeping your supporters happy!

Don’t Call The Same Person At The Same Time Every Day

Our first rule is one that should be employed by all telemarketing services. Nobody wants to be pestered at the same time each day with the same pitch. When it comes to telefundraising, some prior thought and a little empathy should be used.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your best to maximise the value derived from each donor; however, it’s also important to realise when you’ve overcooked your efforts. When you spot situations like this, it’s always better to switch up your routine and also consider letting donors “cool down” before attempting any further canvassing.

Don’t Use A Bland Telephone Fundraising Script

Telemarketing agents who sound like they’re reading from a script are the worst – even more so when it’s regarding an important issue such as charitable work! At best, the phonecalls are boring to listen to – at their worst it sounds like your charity is going through the motions!

For this reason, ensuring your scripts are matched specifically to the type of people you’re trying to convert is important. Your agents should also be able to match their tone and speach to the person they’re talking to, helping to nurture a connection between two people who care about the charity and its work.

Don’t forget to tell your supporters exactly how their donation is going to help.

Don’t Forget To Tell Them Exactly What Their Money Will Be Doing

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” This phrase comes from a famous Simon Sinek TED Talk and marketers have used it as their dogma for years. The same principle applies towards nonprofit fundraising.

When people donate, it’s usually because they have a personal connection to the work being carried out. Whether it’s a dog shelter, or a large mission to provide help to a displaced people – your donors will always want to know:

  • Who – Who are they helping.
  • What – What the charity wants to achieve.
  • Why – What problems are happening right now.
  • When – Is this a long term project? Or is it a short term project to solve an immediate issue.

Just by thinking about the who, what, where and why, you can make a huge difference to your pitch. It lets your donors feel good about their donations, as well as adding some authenticity to your work.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – A famous Simon Sinek quote that’s important for third sector fundraisers.

Don’t Only Ask For Money

People donate for all sorts of reasons, yet by only asking them for cash with each interaction – you could easily disenchant them with your organisation.

The important goal with fundraising, is to help your donors understand how their money has helped out in the past – whilst keeping them motivated to help in the future. Many charities try to foster a community around their brand, by sending out mailers detailing the work they’ve been carrying out and/or some of the real wins they’ve achieved.

Guide Dogs UK keep their supporter base frequently updated.

One charity that gets this perfectly, is Guide Dogs UK. They frequently send supporters “pupdates”, which let them know about the people they’ve helped. The UK Green Party is also extremely good at this too – letting their members know about times they’ve been able to alter government policy for the better.

Don’t Forget To Thank Them

All your supporters want to feel appreciated. Just by thanking your donors with each interaction, you’ll show how grateful you are for each donation. It’s shocking that some charities don’t even consider this; those who do standing out from the crowd!

To achieve this, you can send an automated thank-you email to each supporter who comes on board, or increases their support. The Blue Telecoms Dialler can achieve this easily – we can even send specific content depending on what’s important to your supporter base.

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