It’s true that not everybody can be a great sales person, it takes real determination to try and succeed in what can be a cut-throat industry. In this article, we’re going to explore what makes a good sales agent, and how can you develop those skills on your sales floor and recruit the right way.

The Art of The Close

To succeed in telesales, it’s extremely important to develop a solid work ethic. Persistence almost always pays off, and the old adage that sales is a “numbers game” is particularly true. Eventually, the persistent sales person will close on a deal.

The culture within your contact centre can make a huge impact on how your agents view persistence too. “Happy People Sell”, is a mantra that’s as true today as it’s ever been. Telesales staff who feel bored or unappreciated will usually convert lower than their happy counterparts. Making your office space fun, friendly and inclusive is a huge step towards closing sales, and doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve.

Teaching vs Ability

Although many assume sales people have to be loud and aggressive, it’s entirely possible for more introverted agents to become masters of the art. Once that drive and determination is there, quieter people can often bring a slightly different style of selling to the fore.

It’s also important to understand what your clients would like to hear, and adopt a pitch that meets their needs. In order to do this, you need to think about your target client, and construct your pitch and questions around your ability to solve their needs and lessen any pains.

Ultimately, never assume a loud, aggressive agent is going to close sales. You might be surprised at the results different personalities can bring to your sales floor.

Data is Key

In telesales, plus many parts of direct marketing – your client data is probably the most important thing you own. A poor quality data set can undermine a campaign at best, and destroy it worst. None of this is likely in the control of your telemarketing staff, so it pays to ensure data quality yourself.

Here at Blue Telecoms, we’re consistently pushing each other to build on their weak spots, and also pass their knowledge on to staff who need a leg up. This is a process that helps every member of the team become more productive during the day, and for telemarketing companies that can soon build a powerful team!

By using data to identify times when agents are doing well, and times they’re performing poorly, you can improve your training and processes to help give them all a boost.

Wanting To Succeed

Being a great telesales agent is mostly about wanting to achieve it. Everyone has different skill sets; however, if you’re open to new ideas like opening lines, rapport building, closing techniques – you’ll always perform well.

It’s almost always better to employ someone who’s hungry to succeed, rather than an extremely competent sales person who might “coast”, rather than push their way through sales.

Ultimately, our advice is to give anyone who appears hungry to learn the chance, and leave your preconceived ideas of what a good sales person might be. Once you employ those agents, try to look after them the best you can.


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