Like most businesses, call centre managers are always looking to boost their sales and metrics. A call centre dialler, achieves this by making the process of placing calls fully automatic. This means that your agents don’t need to wait for the phone to be answered, transfer to answer machine or simply ring out. Just by doing this, a dialler can keep your agents actively working for more minutes per hour than by using manual methods.

By keeping your agents busy doing what they do best, your conversion rate should improve dramatically!

What exactly does a call centre dialler do?

A predictive dialler basically takes a large amount of customer data (phone numbers), automatically dialling through them in order. When the dialler discovers a human customer on the other end, that call is placed with an agent straight away. Any other type of call (answer machine, dead lines), will be given the appropriate status and saved for another day.

Many diallers, including the Blue Telecoms dialler, has a feature called AMD (answer machine detection). This can automatically detect if a picked up call is actually just an answer machine system. This means that answer machine calls will never get through to an agent.

When a call does connect, an agent will receive the call, and all customer information will appear on their screen – including any custom CRM information you might want to integrate with.

At the end of the call, your agent can finish filling in any details, and also assign any callbacks or statuses they need to.

Types of call centre dialler

There are a number of dialling methods:

  • Preview dialling – Will only dial when an agent presses call.
  • Progressive dialling – Will dial from a list, sending live calls to agents automatically.
  • Predictive dialling – Attempts to predict when an agent will become live – dialling calls in anticipation.

With the Blue Telecoms dialler, you can choose between all three variants to find the solution that fits.

In summary, a dialler:

Automatically dials large data-lists, often dialling multiple records at once per agent.

Uses Answer Machine Detection to filter out non human answer calls.

Pushes live human answers to agents only.

Available as ‘preview’, ‘progressive’ or ‘predictive’ variants.

Why your call centre should be using a dialler?

The main benefit of a dialler system, is that is boosts your agent talk time and the overall contact rate. Normally, when dialling manually your agents will spend about 20 minutes of calls each hour to prospects. With a dialler, this increases dramatically, and gets rid of any wasted time dealing with answer machines and dead lines. With a call centre dialler, your agents can spend up to 50 minutes of each hour actively canvassing clients.

In addition to this, with Blue Telecoms you’ll gain access to our superb reporting systems, advanced data management and data that automatically refreshes and resets. This means that answer machine calls can be saved for later in the day, hopefully giving the prospect a chance to answer the call again. Agents will also have to disposition each call they take, giving that prospect a status which can be used for call management and accurate reporting.

Here are the main reasons to make the switch to a hosted dialler.

  • Keep your agents on the phone up to 50 minutes of each hour.
  • Efficiently use your data.
  • Monitoring your agent performance accurately.

Why Blue Telecoms?

We offer a bespoke dialler solution, which means you can integrate with almost any system or CRM available. Our support is second to none and available 7 days a week. Our staff also have a vast array of experience within the contact centre world, which means that you can also count on good advice to help you when you need it.

To arrange a demo, get in touch with us today.