There are a few reasons why hosted Asterisk is a great choice for office PBX lines, that’s Blue Telecoms use Asterisk extensively within our telecoms network.

Call Quality

As a well known and trusted system, Asterisk powers many of the worlds top businesses. Asterisk is a feature packed communications tool, and as an experienced telecoms provider, we can use this power to deliver almost any feature clients need us to. One of the reasons we at Blue Telecoms use Asterisk, is the call quality it’s able to deliver. Although many people still believe VOIP doesn’t provide the same call quality as traditional switched lines, the reality is that VOIP provides a call quality good enough for industry, government and mission critical services alike.

High Availability

Most Asterisk systems are able to keep running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Blue Telecoms, we’re able to keep your servers active and running – ensuring your phone server is there when you need it. Even when our technical staff do need to make a few upgrades and tweaks to your system – we’ll keep downtime to a minimum.

Call Forwarding

If you require call forwarding to staff who normally travel, we can allow calls to pass to a mobile phone, sip desk-phone or soft-phone with ease. This means that your staff can be available to take calls whenever or where-ever they are, ensuring a high quality of service for your customers.

Call Menu Systems

Whether you need a simple call menu prompt, to a fully-fledged IVR and routing system – Blue Telecoms and Asterisk can deliver on this for you. You can choose to split your inbound calls up by department or individual agents, and route calls based on their importance. Whatever you require, we can help you develop an IVR suitable for your business needs.

Ring Groups

If you already have staff who operate on a “round robin” telephony system, we can ensure that calls still route in exactly the same way. If you don’t know, a round robin phone-line works similarly to a call centre, each agent will take a call in turn – ensuring the workload is shared out across your office.

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