Within the telesales world, cost per lead is starting to become a popular business model. For the closing company, these leads appear on paper to be perfect – after all – you’re only paying for quality leads right?

Technically yes; however, there’s often more to it.

Lead Quality

Unfortunately, with this type of offer, the quality can start out great, but quickly become less and less as time goes on. Businesses are always looking to drive more revenue, which in the lead generation world means creating more and more precious details to deliver to you.

As always, when companies try to over-deliver and push too much – compliance and quality issues can crop up.

The best leads, are always those delivered piping hot to the closer, hopefully with all the details correct and with a potential client that’s already moved down the conversion funnel – in other words they’ve done their research and they’re ready to buy!

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How Can Lead Quality Suffer?

In my own experience, I’ve seen examples of leads driven in a less than perfect fashion. Sometimes, we can even go one step further and discover affiliates who are driving leads with no real thought for quality.

  • Leads driven at night, when the CPC is less as larger companies schedule their traffic flow to stop.
  • Leads driven from spaces where the client isn’t deep enough into the conversion funnel. Social media and traditional media buys can fall into this trap by accident.
  • Leads without enough information, typically because your lead supplier wants to “snare” clients as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Double selling, an issue where affiliates sell hot leads to two or more closers at the same time. A practice that’s frowned upon, yet can rear its head occasionally.

How To Manage Your Lead Quality?

The first step, is to choose a reputable lead supplier. Being a competitive industry, many companies value their reputation – preferring to keep a tight control over the product they offer. Your dialler company may be able to help you with sourcing a top supplier, and this is certainly something offered at Blue Telecoms.

The second step, is to monitor your inbound leads, and always keep an eye on the early warning signs that lead quality is beginning to suffer. For a typical setup, this could include.

  • The overall conversion rate.
  • The delivery time (not all delivered in the early hours of the morning).
  • Contact rates (should be high in the case of genuine hot keys).
  • The correct information always presented with the lead.

By keeping an eye on those metrics, you’ll always have a broad view on the health of your campaigns. You’ll also feel comfortable in the knowledge that you’re in control over the customer funnel through your business.

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